16 May 2014 | Contortionist Jazz Exotica


“Perfect for a party, perfect for just cruising around, perfect for having a late night drink…” – Koop Kooper, Cocktail Nation
“A contemporary exotica combo – but one who’ve really found their own sense of identity, and don’t just replicate styles from the old days! The music here is wonderfully moody…and the tracks spin out with a deep understanding of later 20th century modes – not just in jazz, but other instrumental worlds…all of which seem to shimmer in the depths of the record somewhere. Way more compelling than just another retro rehash…” – Dusty Groove
“I stand behind what I wrote about them at Tropical Heatwave: They’re surfing at the point where kitsch and cool meet.” – TBT

Stolen Idols Live at the Hukilau, June 2010